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I have worked in a variety of Backline Technician positions including Bass Technician, Guitar Technician, Percussion Technician, Keyboard Technician, and Stage Manager as well as Videographer and Set Carpenter.


Backline technician duties:

  • Guaranteeing all musical equipment is set up and working flawlessly and consistently from venue to venue

  • Served as lead in all stages of the backline process including load in, setup, performance, tear down and load out


Stage manager duties:


  • Working closely with the artist, assuring that the artist’s needs are met, both on and off stage

  • Verifying performances begin on-time and are run in an organized manner


Specific skills include:

  • Highly proficient with the repair and maintenance of acoustic and electric stringed instruments, percussion instruments and keyboards

  • Possesses strong organizational skills, great trouble shooting skills and dependable communication skills

  • Maintains previously established relationships with a variety of equipment vendors

  • Carries a current working passport and has no criminal record


Professional Experience

2016 - Present

Guns N' Roses

Keyboard Technician, Videographer, Set Carpenter




Bass Technician

Cirque Du Soleil: Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour

Guitar Technician, Bass Technician, Electric Cello Technician

2010 – 2011:

Ozzy Osbourne
Bass Technician, Keyboard Technician

2008 – 2009:

Lamb of God
Guitar Technician


Ozzy Osbourne
Bass Technician, Keyboard Technician

2006 - 2007:

Black Eyed Peas/Fergie
Guitar Technician, Percussion Technician


Rob Zombie
Bass Technician

2004 – 2005:

Percussion Technician

2002 – 2003:

Bass Technician, Stage Manager


Rob Zombie
Bass Technician

2001 – 2002:

Pulse Ultra
Bass Technician

2000 – 2001:

Bass Technician, Stage Manager


References available upon request

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